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Be professional… even when they aren’t

I’m a professional salesperson. I act professionally with my colleagues, my customers, and my prospects. I guess it’s just been a bad week, but I have recently experienced some really unprofessional behavior from some of my prospect companies. A few months ago, I was engaged with a prospect who was very excited about the solution […]

Are your goals SMART?

SMART goals are: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Relevant T – Time Bound I think we’ve all heard this before, but sometimes it’s just good to repeat the basics. At a time when the Green Bay Packers had been losing for many years, Vince Lombardi entered as the new […]

“My customer has been acquired! What do I do?”

This year I’ve had a couple of customers who have been acquired by larger companies – who are NOT current customers of my offering… It’s both scary – knowing you could potentially lose business with a current customer –  and exciting – knowing you could grow your business  – a sales professional to engage in the […]

3 Results From Pitching To Your Peers

We just concluded a 2 day exercise I found much more valuable than I anticipated. Have you ever been so good at your pitch that you can do it without thinking about it? Many of our first calls are via a web meeting, so I could certainly picture it when one of my colleagues said, […]

Making the most of the mundane….

Cotton balls

“Some days I work 12 straight hours and feel like I didn’t accomplish anything!”  Have you ever said that?  I know I have… a lot lately. In his book, How To Become A Rainmaker, Jeffrey Fox has a pretty unique idea on making the mundane more interesting.  His tip numbered XXXVII is entitled “Use the Point […]

24 Meeting Manners

I was in a group meeting not too long ago and was a bit taken aback at the lack of manners by some of the people in the room.  I thought I’d just write down a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” that apply to meetings – and probably most of them would apply to any […]

“It’s not the picture, it’s the moment…”

Ty The Art Guy

Last night I had dinner with a dear, long time friend who is moving next week. He’s a caricature artist by trade, but he’s so much more than that. He’s a ‘moment maker.’ Ty’s one of the elite artists of his kind here in the DFW area. As we ate, we were talking about what […]

7 Ways to Listen Better


I was recently in Chicago O’Hare Airport returning from a business trip when a couple of every day occurrences spawned the idea for this post. I went to Starbucks in Terminal 3, somewhere near gate K3.  I normally get a double-cupped venti bold coffee, but today I went for something different – a quad venti, extra […]

ABC – Always Be Closing – “What” is the question


Ever heard the phrase “ABC – Always Be Closing?” It’s one of the most common sales sayings around. For the most part, I believe that this saying is true and relevant IF you understand “what” you are closing… If you sell in a very transactional type of product or service, then the focus of your […]

5 Tools for Prospecting on LinkedIn


Admittedly, I’m a LinkedIn novice. This is an excellent video on prospecting techniques using LinkedIn. I have a fairly large base of connections, but honestly considered LinkedIn as my “Facebook for Business.” Ahem… you can stop laughing now… Seriously, I learned quite a few things from this 11 minute video. It’s well worth the watch. […]